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As an Unregistered Visitor You Can...

Choose About, Help or Browse from the top menu. Browse allows you to read selected public posts.

After Sign Up and Email Verification, Testers Can...

Create blogs, add posts, and read public posts created by others.

For Information on Becoming a Tester...

Contact us at support@goblogger.ltd.


If you see Sign up on the right side of the title bar, you are not registered. Click or tap to go to the sign up form.

If you see Verify on the right side of the title bar, you have not replied to the verification email that was sent when you signed up. Click or tap Verify to get a new verification email.

If you have signed up and verified your email, you may see Login on the right side of the the title bar. That indicates that you are not logged in. Click or tap to log in.

Once you have signed up and verified your email address, you are ready to create your own blog. Click or tap the GoBlogger pen ( Pen logo ) that you will see on the right side of the title bar. That takes you to a simple blog setup form where you name your blog and provide other basic information. Choose the name carefully as it cannot be changed after you begin using your blog. 

You can also customize your blog's theme and other basic settings. Anytime you want to change settings, return to the Home page and click the settings icon ( Gear Icon ) which replaces the pen after your blog is created.

After you create your blog, you are encouraged to create your own custom Home page. The page you are reading now is a custom Home page we created for the GoBlogger blog. It will be used as your home page until you create your own.